River Chaser

river chaser - Justin Wideman
Goliad State Park along the San Antonio River, Texas

River Chaser – As a landscape and travel photographer, I have often found lakes and rivers to complement my images. I have started river chaser as a series and will compile them into photo books.

Pecos River in Val Verde County, Texas

My #TexasEdgeToEdge project has brought me to many lakes and rivers in Texas. I have expanded on that and continue to add to these projects in my travels.

going down the kayak shoot
open water kayaking
kayak ready for the water

I use roads, hiking/bike trails, drones, and a kayak to capture unique pictures and stories as I travel and explore rivers.

san antonio river book - justin wideman
A river full of history that runs through South Texas.
From a Colorado mountain spring to the
USA border and the sea.

From Minnesota to New Orleans through America’s heartlands.

From the badlands to the farmlands.

From the Texas Hill Country to the Gulf of Mexico.
From rural roads, highland lakes, Austin, and beyond!

Other rivers I hope to River Chase and visit to document in the coming years:

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