S.A. River Photo Book Project

This new project is tentatively a photo book that has to do with the San Antonio River, nature, history, riverwalk, art etc. I have been busy finding old pics, taking new ones and making an outline.

While COVID-19 has disrupted all our lives, thankfully I am still working 9-5 weekdays. I had planed some out of state trips in the spring (Montana) that obviously never happened. It helped me continue more on my fitness and road-biking on the weekends with Mr. Wideman.

Spring in San Antonio, particularly along the less inhabited parts of the San Antonio River south of Blue Star District is vibrant and green and overgrown vegetation. Summer turns the landscape hot and grass yellow, while the winter months after leaves are gone gives images a stark naked tree look that highlights the water. I plan to capture it all, as well as the bridges, art, and historical aspects as I research this more.

It has been interesting to see and learn about the different river locks we have, bridges histories and historical entrepreneurs and philanthropists like Breckenridge and mayors that have worked to preserve the nature and the river but also development in the city to have a robust economy to fund the parks and services we enjoy in this city.

This might be a multi-year product until I get it all right, I am guessing probably 100+ images layed out into a 10×10 book or something.

It is nice to have a long-term project like this and help set up my free-time calendar to make time for photos or research towards this goal of an a-z book form and not just blogs and one-off photos.

Stay tuned for project updates.

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