Brownsville Feat. Space X

Brownsville is a South Texas border city about 23 miles from what was Boca Chica township and Boca Chica State Park and beach. The population is over 180,000 and the county seat of Cameron County includes the most southern tip of Texas and the USA. Brownsville is the last of the major cities that daisy-chain

Make it to Marfa

IH-10 and on… and on… Friday evening I wasted no time after work to go back home and load up my car for this trip I am calling Texas Odyssey III. I have been doing Texas road trips since 2015, one weekend day or holiday weekend. Odysseys are about more intense. I first made one

PhotoTrip: Medina Lake/Dam

Medina Dam Road On the way home I decided to see the dam wall past the little village of Mico along the Medina Dam road. The dam is private property to control water flow valves etc. Following the road south there is wetlands that form when there is water there from when they let the

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