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Guadalupe River State Park

From its large rockface to its ancient trees the size of a car, the long tentacle roots of the trees dramatically reaching above ground to avail the rocky landscape and nourish themselves at the water’s edge. This more theatrical landscape is a pleasant change from what is often pretty common oak trees and grasses of the hill country.

Mission Trial Photo/Bike Trip

Trail of missions River flows under, over, around Mission becomes trail Today I mixed it up and brought my mountain bike and camera to do this route slower and take time for pics. I have done the trails with a road bike with Wideman Sr. a dozen times, be we do not slow down to

PhotoTrip: Medina Lake/Dam

Medina Dam Road On the way home I decided to see the dam wall past the little village of Mico along the Medina Dam road. The dam is private property to control water flow valves etc. Following the road south there is wetlands that form when there is water there from when they let the

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