Mission Trial Photo/Bike Trip

Trail of missions
River flows under, over, around
Mission becomes trail

Today I mixed it up and brought my mountain bike and camera to do this route slower and take time for pics. I have done the trails with a road bike with Wideman Sr. a dozen times, be we do not slow down to take pictures when we are road-riding.

The trial weaves roughly 10 miles south from the Blue Star District to IH-410 South, along a more untamed river then the touristic part that goes through San Antonio’s downtown restaurant/hotel districts.

I tried out my camera carrier so I could have my hands free to control the bike etc. While it might look goofy and I have heard other photogs in review dis it as overdone, paramilitary, or silly. It really is very practical and at no time did I worry the camera would fall or be in danger. I will definitely use it more when I need my hands for other things like hiking, climbing, or riding my bikes to get to photo locations. Much more practical than a backpack for a photo walk.

What I did not realize was it was going to be 93+ degrees and NO clouds! Very hot and WAY too much walking my bike. A taste of July summer heat in April. Texas weather for you!

A strange day, but got a few pics of the little river bridges along the trail I can add to my riverwalk bridge collection. The sky was nothing special this day (just a blue bowl) and staying hydrated and getting back to my car for AC became my main priority after an hour ride/photographing and getting about 2/3 down the 10-mile river trail.

Mission Park

Mission Park is one of many smaller parks and outdoor spaces dotted along the trail at road level. Designed as trail-heads to park cars with road assess they have also become sites city-sponsored art and sculptures highlighting local art, traditions, and folklore of South Texas and the history of native peoples along this river prior to city founding 300 years ago.

This park features a large 30 foot tall steal cactus inspired sculpture with real cactus growing around and even on top of it. It provides shade and dimension

Ended up biking/walking about 14 miles in around 3 hours of a VERY hot afternoon. If there ever was a day I felt like jumping in this river it was today. With signs posted not to and lots of kids around, I did not.

Being a nice spring Sunday (a month into the era of COVID-19 restrictions) young people and families were out and about, riding bikes, walking, fishing, etc. There are boat slips on some of the dammed areas that let you go from Blue Star to the Espada dam. I hope to get a little kayak later in the year (when stores open again) and do a photo/boat shoot down this river as well getting unique views of the bridges going under them.

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